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We are recruiting a postdoc to begin in early 2019! This position is part of ongoing laboratory and collaborative efforts to bridge the roles of population, community, and landscape ecology in the conservation of freshwater organisms, particularly anurans. The successful candidate will build upon a rich suite of anuran population data and hydrological analyses of small ponds in the southwestern United States, with the possibility of extending this work to additional regions – particularly the southeastern United States. The scope of the work is dynamic and could encompass one or a number of focal areas, including: population and landscape genetics/genomics, remote sensing and its application to fine scale temporal analysis of aquatic habitats, community dynamics and their relationship to predictability and seasonality of aquatic habitats, and multispecies inference and vulnerability assessments. Follow the link above for more details and instructions on how to apply, and contact Meryl with any questions!


Dr. Mims is currently considering graduate students with independent funding or with interest in seeking graduate support from VT and externally. Read on to learn more about how to apply, expectations of lab members, and general advice for prospective graduate students.

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Are you a hard-working, motivated undergraduate looking to gain some research experience in freshwater ecology, ecological and conservation genetics, or general lab work? Consider applying to work in the Mims Lab. Positions for Spring 2019 available here!

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