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We do not currently have funded openings for postdocs in the lab; however, we are always open to supporting postdocs in pursuit of independent funding or future collaborative options! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Meryl about ideas, including sponsorship or support through postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.


Dr. Mims is currently accepting applications for a PhD student with a strong interest in the ecology and seasonality of temporary lentic habitats (ponds). This research will build on ongoing work in the San Rafael Valley, Arizona, and could accommodate a range of research interests. Please see the position description here. Read on to learn more about how to apply, expectations of lab members, and general advice for prospective graduate students.

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We have undergraduate research opportunities available for Fall 2019! Please read project description here, and follow application instructions.

Are you a hard-working, motivated undergraduate looking to gain some research experience in freshwater ecology, ecological and conservation genetics, or general lab work? Consider applying to work in the Mims Lab for research credit. Also check out...

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