Our research investigates how species’ traits and environmental attributes interact to influence community and population structure of aquatic organisms.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve this portion of our lab website! Please check back in late October 2019 for project-specific pages; in the mean time, feel free to reach out about the ongoing projects listed below.

Current Projects, Collaborations, & Active Areas of Research

  • StreamCLIMES: Studying Stream Drying across the US - supported by NSF Macrosystems; The Smokies & NOVA

  • Scaling Climate Change Vulnerability: How do Assessment Models Compare? - supported by USGS and the Global Change Center at Virginia Tech; Blacksburg, VA

  • Developing Regime-Based Hydroperiod Classification for Small-Scale Ponds - San Rafael Valley, AZ

  • Linking Environmental and Genetic Stability Through Time: A Case Study with the Arizona Treefrog - San Rafael Valley, AZ

  • Anuran Traits of the United States (ATraiU): A Multi-use Database for Traits-based Conservation of Anurans - Blacksburg, VA

  • Understanding Anurans in a Hotter, Dryer World: An Experimental Mesocosm Approach - Blacksburg, VA

  • Does Commonness Confer Connectivity? Adaptive and Neutral Genomics of a Backyard Amphibian - Virginia

  • Dry Rivers RCN: NSF Research Coordination Network - NSF funded; International Collaboration

The Mims Lab at Virginia Tech!

The Mims Lab at Virginia Tech!